About us.

imagine inc Placement Services is established since 2007. Company to assist both the employer and employee in meeting employment needs. Our office is managed and staffed with a team of professionals who combined have over 15 years of experience in placing people. Specializing in entry level, (foot-in-the-door) placements for individuals that are hard to place due to circumstantial differences.

We believe in adding value to our clients. We attempt to identify candidates that meet our clients' requirements to the best of our ability. We attempt to enhance the effectiveness of our client’s recruitment operations by providing the most appropriate referrals and support with information in line with their requirements.

We believe in conducting our business with honesty and professional integrity. We never solicit candidates from our clients (not even indirectly), we don't refer candidates with doubtful integrity to our clients and we conduct our business with utmost transparency.
We believe, that our consultancy with right attitude, a professional approach and scientific recruitment systems, could make recruitment extremely useful and advantageous to your business operations.

We are careful in choosing our clients - we work closely with companies that appreciate our values. And we take equal care in recommending candidates to our clients; only when we are convinced that the candidate will align with our client's culture & value system and deliver value in the long term do we refer them to our clients.